Abundant Life (Part II)


In my previous post, I discussed a rather nerdy view on how we could transcend the binary nature of life (life vs. no life) and ascend to a higher reality of the positive and continuous (or zero to infinity) nature of life. I likened this conceptualization of abundant life to the promise of the exceedingly-abundantly-and-above-all-we-can-ask-think-or-imagine-type of life promised in the scriptures [1].

Anyone who works with data knows that different data types can appear in specific contexts. Likewise, abundant life as a form of “data” manifests itself in different contexts. I want to discuss how the “life and life abundant” which Jesus promises can be found in three domains of the human experience:  1) in physical circumstances, 2) in mental patterns, and 3) in a supernatural state of being. I’ll discuss each domain below and present some scriptures to support my conclusions.

Abundant life is a manifestation

First, abundant life presents itself tangibly in our actions, life events, and physical circumstances. A manifestation is an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical [2]. Jesus channelled the abundant life within Himself and brought it forth in tangible ways for others to see, touch, and examine. When He was around, the lame walked, the blind saw, the sick were healed, the poor became empowered [5], children received blessing [6], food multiplied [7], and storms calmed [8]. Peoples’ bodies, environments, and possessions were transformed into more than enough when Jesus was around. Where things were lacking, He provided. Where things were broken, He fixed them. But physical circumstances were not the only things Jesus fixed.

Abundant life is a revelation

In the life of Jesus, there were also people who were given a revelation of abundant life more than a physical manifestation of abundant life. Matthew, a man of dishonest profession, realized there was a better path when Jesus entered his life and left his job to walk the country with Jesus [9]. Similarly, Zaccheus, an incredibly wealthy and greedy man, chose to give away half of his possessions after Jesus ate dinner at his place one night [10]. That’s a monumental change of heart for a man to have after a single dinner party. A third example of a person whose mental patterns shifted after encountering Jesus was a Samaritan woman. Jesus met her at a well and spoke with her (something very taboo for a man to do at the time). During the conversation, the woman had an epiphany and believed that this man before her was God and she was filled with hope for a better life [11].

As seen in scripture, abundant life can be a divine disclosure where we realize that life is more than we think it is. Knowing who we are, knowing we have a purpose and cultivating gratitude are all mental patterns that can be likened to abundant life operating in our mental sphere.

Abundant life is a supernatural state of being

Ultimately, I believe there is a third element of abundant life and that comes by knowing the only true God and His Son, Jesus Christ [10]. In believing in Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection, we have life eternal, life of the zero to infinity nature.

Don’t let your life be reduced to a biologically binary existence. Resist the gravitational pull to live life as if you have an existential on-off switch. Set your mind, your circumstances, and what is within your influence to transcend the binary, mere existent state of life. Positively and continuously engage with the world around you in a state of gratitude and relationship with God. Life can take any number of values of abundance, where zero is just the starting point for the journey towards infinity. There is so much more.





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